About Kith + Kin

At 7am on Monday, November 21, 2005, The Jahva House turned on its open sign for the first time. Despite it being a soft opening, we had people waiting at the door with their faces pressed on the window…and they still are. The Jahva House has been a much-needed social center for Artesia since day one. A lot has happened since then, good and bad. We’ve seen some things. And then, 13 years later, we saw a big change: the addition of an in-house coffee roastery, bakery and meeting area. With that came our new identity, Kith+Kin Roasting Co.


‘Kith + Kin’ is an Old English phrase meaning acquaintances and relatives. Our friends and family. This is the foundation of our business. We wouldn’t exist without it. From my family who put up the building, my friends who volunteered during construction, relatives who helped us through some tough times, and now the long-time friends of The Jahva House who have assisted us in making this fresh start, we wouldn’t still be here without any of them. So, this new beginning and fresh start is dedicated to our friends and family, our Kith and Kin.


If you’re interested in becoming a wholesale partner with our roastery or bakery program, use us for catering of any size, want to reserve our meeting area, or have any other special requests, just contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of any page. If it is too long to type out or you just want to hear our lovely voices (depending how crazy it is at the shop) then just give us a call. We’d love to hear from you and help you out the best we can. 


We want the new Kith + Kin to be the same Jahva House you’ve always known and loved, just updated and smelling even more like freshly-roasted coffee. Come spend some time with us, make yourself at home and enjoy the wonderful changes that make us like no place in Artesia. Really, like no place in New Mexico.

"Great little coffee shop!
Delicious coffee and tea with a nice selection, yummy food, friendly service, and a laid-back, chill atmosphere."

- Marisa Hope​

“Friends and family - this is the foundation of our business.”

– Rob Morrisey, Owner & Finder

M-F  7AM-8PM     Sa  8AM-4PM     Su  RE-CAFFEINATING

575 746 9494